In Cambodia, the number of automobiles is increasing rapidly due to the ongoing increase in middle-class civilians and the state’s economy. To fulfill the people's needs, the Cambodian state's government has decided to open some new plants for vehicle manufacturing. It has been found that a massive investment of around $20 million is around the corner for the plant's opening.

The plant belongs to the Ford Company, one of the state's largest automakers. However, before the opening of this massive plant, there was no official manufacturing plant of the Ford Company in the country. Therefore, in 2021 the Cambodian Ministry of Public Works and Transports had to import and register around 3,500 vehicles, both trucks, and cars, if Ford included, to meet the increasing automobile needs.

Furthermore, due to the rapid increase in vehicle needs, the number of imported vehicles increased by 35 percent in the next year. Therefore, the number of imported vehicles increased to 4,700 in just the starting 5 months of the year 2022. To solve this issue of the Ford vehicles import system, the state of Cambodia opened one of its plants in the country. According to reports, the plant will facilitate the country by providing about 500+ jobs. In addition, the plant can manufacture 10,000 Ford automobiles a year.

Furthermore, the Pursat Province Polytechnic Institute, also called the PIPP, is willing to contribute to the Ford Company to train the workers. Doing so will enhance the workers' skills required for the job, thus leading to more quality production.

This establishment of the new heavy plant gives the access of the Kingdom of Cambodia the modern and latest ways of industrialization in the present world. The plant will automatically catch the eyes of foreign investors if the project becomes a success, and it will give rise to further investments in the Kingdom of Cambodia, mainly in the Automobile sector. Such things will automatically increase the transportation standards in Cambodia.

The people of Cambodia, for some reason, prefer to purchase used vehicles. One of the main reasons is the price and availability, making the sales of used cars in the state by 80 percent. However, 20% is still a great number for purchasing new vehicles. With the rapidly growing economy of the state of Cambodia, many civilians are now interested in the purchase of new vehicles. They are willing to buy vehicles that offer modern technologies and are much more reliable, safe, and comfortable.

The country currently operates eight automobile assembly plants. However, with the addition of the Ford plant, the number has risen to nine owned automotive plants. The plant will play a great role in developing the state's automobile sector and will open some new job opportunities for the youth. In addition, the Kingdom of Cambodia will now save on import charges, and spare parts will also be available.