On December 2, GAC AION, the new energy vehicle (NEV)-dedicated subsidiary of GAC Group, took a significant step into the Cambodian auto market by officially launching the AION Y PLUS battery electric vehicle (BEV). This move signifies a strategic expansion following GAC AION's earlier entry into the global market, beginning with Thailand earlier in the year.

Strategic Partnership with Local Auto Dealer

The entry into Cambodia was made possible through a strategic partnership with a local auto dealer, a crucial move to establish a foothold in the Cambodian automotive landscape. This follows the successful strategic entry into the Thai market earlier in the year, indicating GAC AION's commitment to a global presence.

Global Market Entry: AION Y PLUS in Thailand

Earlier this year, on June 28, GAC AION's Deputy General Manager, Xiao Yong, and Gold Integrate Co., Ltd.'s Chairman, Huang Yongjie, signed a memorandum of cooperation during the "2023 China (Guangdong) - Thailand Economic and Trade Exchange Conference." This marked GAC AION's entry into the Thai market, with plans to set up its Southeast Asian headquarters in Thailand by year-end. The focus was on preparing local production for Thai-spec models as part of GAC AION's integrated approach encompassing research, production, supply, and sales on a global scale.

Initiation of the "Going Global" Strategy in Thailand

In September of the same year, GAC Group held a press conference in Bangkok, Thailand, revealing the AION Y PLUS as GAC AION's first overseas model. The event marked the initiation of the company's "going global" strategy. GAC AION's General Manager, Gu Huinan, emphasized plans for localized production, sales, and services in Thailand, aligning with the country's ambition to become a hub for electric vehicle industries in Southeast Asia.

GAC AION's Pivotal Move in Cambodia: A Global Strategy Unfolds

GAC AION's entry into Cambodia is pivotal to its global strategy and innovation initiatives. Armed with its two major brands, AION and Hyper, covering a spectrum of vehicle types, the company aims to infuse new vitality into the Cambodian automotive market. This includes introducing key products, such as the AION Y PLUS, to steer the country towards a green new energy paradigm in its automotive industry.

Fostering Green New Energy Transition in Cambodia

GAC AION views its entry into Cambodia as a strategic initiative to contribute to the global push for green energy adoption. With a commitment to innovation and sustainability, the company seeks to foster a transition towards green new energy in Cambodia's automotive industry. Introducing electric vehicles like the AION Y PLUS aligns with the broader industry shift towards eco-friendly transportation solutions.

In conclusion, GAC AION's venture into Cambodia with the AION Y PLUS is not merely a product launch but a step towards influencing the automotive landscape, promoting green energy adoption, and contributing to the global shift towards sustainable transportation solutions.