Local authorities as well as district mayors met recently to discuss the prevention of conflicts caused by traffic accidents. In fact, a conference was held to raise awareness of these problems of resolving altercations between motorists after pile-ups. To help you drive better in Cambodia, here are some tips to help you drive.

1.    The vehicle must always be in top condition. It is perhaps the most obvious and yet it is what is often overlooked in most cases. A vehicle is, after all, a machine that must always be tuned for good performance. Before starting a trip, and after reaching your destination, check the good condition of all the components of your car.

2.    Everyone must wear a seat belt. It is proven that its use can make the difference between life and death. The seat belt is the only support that passengers have to keep themselves attached to the seats when a vehicle accident occurs. Its use is mandatory (and really necessary) for this reason, if you are a driver, fasten your seatbelt before starting your vehicle, in the same way, do not start the tour if everyone without exception is wearing a seatbelt.

person driving Volkswagen vehicle

3.    Try to maintain good posture when driving. Is this point really important? Believe it or not, yes! Maintaining an ergonomic posture is, broadly speaking, the best way to avoid high-risk factors such as fatigue when driving (especially if we make long trips). We always try to maintain an ergonomic posture that gives us comfort when driving, a ventilated environment, rest and hydrate from time to time and avoid long hours of continuous driving.

4.    Respect traffic laws. At this point there is no room for further explanations, at least they should not. Respecting traffic laws and signs is the best way to maintain order and safety on the highways. Exceeding the allowed speeds, ignoring the signs and prohibitions, as well as the traffic lights, is risking your life and that of others.

person holding black car steering wheel

5.    If you are going to drink alcohol, don't drive. As simple as that. Liquor or other substances are not good for your health or for your safety, therefore they should never be mixed with the need to drive your vehicle. In addition to being punished by the law and causing you serious problems with your car insurance, driving while intoxicated is an invitation to danger and fatal accidents, simply never do it!

6.    Avoid distracted driving. As soon as you start the engine of your car, turn off your cell phone, or at least do not use it until you have parked in a safe place.